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Hummel's Flowers Inc.

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Anchorage, AK  99503

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Thank you Anchorage for celerating our 30th Anniversary!
Below is our homepage with some content from the event!


From the humble beginning 30 years ago, selling roses on the side of the road all over Anchorage and the surrounding area, to a community staple and long-time Fireweed resident, Hummel’s Flowers has become a part of the Anchorage landscape and history. On April 17th, 1991 Hummel’s Flowers opened its doors for the first time, though originally the name was “Gift Notions” and the only flowers sold were roses (out of old Pepsi coolers no less). Founded by two people with a dream that has carried all the way through 2 name changes, a flood that made the newspaper, the beanie baby madness of the 90’s, 2 shop dogs, and over a million roses sold, Jeff and Mineko Hummel built their lives around creating not only a business but a community that endures to this day.

This community they fostered has carried the shop through its most traumatic year, and created a bubble of love and support that was and is appreciated by all. In a heartbreaking accident in June of 2019, Jeff Hummel passed away. He is survived by his 3 children, as well as his wife of 30 years, Mineko, who has taken over the shop and become the new face of Hummel’s Flowers. The thing that Jeff would have loved, and been so proud of, is the outpouring of love within the community for the friends and family most effected by his passing. It is through his spirit and love that the shop continues to run, much as it always has.

30 years ago, Mineko and Jeff couldn’t have imagined what Hummel’s Flowers would become, but we strive to uphold the dream that started it all. Bring people joy every day; be that through flowers or through a smile and a conversation. Flowers are what the shop has always sold, but the community of friend, family, employees, customers, and so many more is what keeps people coming back. 30 years is a long time, and we thank every person in our story, and look forward to adding so many more chapters with the blessing and support of our community.